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Generate Steady Leads with Online Advertising

Get your name in front of the right people, at the right place, at the right time.

Most people think of advertising as an expensive waste of money, where you throw money down the drain just so people get a vague awareness of your brand.

However, when advertising is done right, you’ll have an unfair advantage over your competition, and you won’t need an enormous advertising budget.

Using Advertising to Grow Your Business

You already know that in the modern world, you have more options than ever to attract with your customers:
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Have a pretty website

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Earn good word of mouth

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Get found on the Internet through SEO

But there’s another piece of the puzzle – advertising. In the digital landscape, it’s called pay-per-click, or PPC, because you get charged when someone clicks on your ad.

This opportunity is unlike traditional advertising on the radio, television, and print. When you advertise there, you pay based on the size of the audience, regardless of whether the people listening to the station, watching the program, or reading the publication are interested in what you have to offer.

How PPC Works

You can think of PPC like hijacking eyeballs to get the attention your business deserves Instead of waiting for people to find you online, you can purposely put your brand front and center, no matter where they are online!

There are three main methods we use to employ this strategy:

1. Google and Bing pay-per-click advertising (also includes YouTube)

2. Media buying for Facebook and Instagram so that you show up in newsfeeds and stories

3. Display advertising for brand placement on popular websites and blogs that your audience visits

Within these methods is a complex behind-the-scenes algorithm and strategy that we don’t want to bore you with (unless you ask us, and then we’ll happily talk your ear off). We eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff to help businesses just like yours dominate the local competition, and we’d love to help you, too!

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Why PPC Works

The magic of pay-per-click advertising is that it allows you to get in front of the right customers at the right moment – when they’re ready to buy!

Here’s why PPC is different and more powerful than other marketing tactics:

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Strategies like SEO and social media can take weeks or months to optimize, but a good advertising campaign can be launched at the click of a button.

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You can immediately show up on the first page of search engines or prominently on YouTube and social media feeds.

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Unlike traditional advertising that targets a broad group of people, PPC allows you to hone in on the customers you want. You’re in charge of the locations your ads appear and who sees them.

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You can choose from targeting options like gender, income, interests, and even demographics like homeownership status. Imagine how well your advertising can work and how cost-effective it can be when you only pay to put your ads in front of people qualified to buy from you.

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One of the most powerful benefits of PPC advertising is being able to showcase your services to people ready to buy. These are the ones actively looking for the services you have to offer. Instead of hoping they stumble upon you by luck, PPC lets you put your brand right in front of their noses at the exact right time!

PPC can work as a stand-alone strategy, but we find it’s best to combine it with other proven methods.

Get in touch with us to find out more.

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A Word About Retargeting

Have you ever been shopping for something online, and then for weeks, you continue to see that same thing you were shopping for on Facebook, Instagram, and all over the Internet?

You’ve been retargeted!

Retargeting is one of the most powerful tools in an advertiser’s arsenal because it allows us to refine ad spend to attract people who have already been on your website or social media pages. These are the potential customers that are most likely to buy, and they’re often the least expensive to reach.

As you know, most people don’t pick an irrigation, lawn care or landscaping company impulsively. They do their research. And this means that after someone views your website, they’re likely to visit a handful of others, too. You want those people to ultimately come back to you and ignore the offers from your competition. Retargeting is the way to make that happen.

Why Choose AquaTerra Digital

Because we are green industry and PPC experts, we avoid the pitfalls that most agencies encounter. With AquaTerra Digital, you can expect cost-effective advertising that works.

While other agencies might have to learn about your business and customers, we know the green industry like the backs of our hands. This means that your ads will start generating qualified leads from virtually day one.

We’ve helped countless business owners that have been burned by advertising, spending thousands of dollars without seeing a positive return on their investment. When you work with AquaTerra Digital, that won’t happen. We generate results for our clients with a positive ROI.

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