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Digital Marketing Services for Lawn Care Companies

We are experiencing a lot of uncertainty globally with the coronavirus, its subsequent recession, and social unrest. All of these factors make it hard to plan for our future. Fortunately, AquaTerra Digital is here to help your lawn care business look ahead and build for tomorrow. Here are three lawn marketing tips that will grow your business in 2021.

1. Optimize Your Website

Your lawn care website is the equivalent of a digital storefront. Be sure to make a strong first impression on new customers with a functional and well-designed site. The best websites allow users to navigate pages swiftly to find the products or services they need.
The process, which is part of search engine optimization (SEO), is more than a good marketing strategy. It’s good business. SEO can improve the quantity and quality of traffic, meaning that your company will receive more potential customers and make more sales.
Here are a handful of ways to optimize your website:

  • Improve page loading speed
  • Attain incoming links
  • Make it mobile-friendly
  • Add an XML sitemap
  • Eliminate 404s and broken links
  • Use SSL

2. Update Google My Business (GMB)

When people want to learn about a company, they go to Google My Business (GMB). These digital yellow pages offer information about a company’s services, ratings, location, and hours. All these insights allow potential customers to make an informed decision.
Double-check that your GMB page is up-to-date. Google allows companies to edit the information for free, helping them stay relevant and reach new customers. For instance, if you recently added aeration as a service, make sure that’s reflected on GMB.
Perhaps the most essential feature is Google’s locating tool, which lets customers searching “lawn care companies” see the ones in their immediate area. Keep your GMB page fresh, and you’ll increase the likelihood of your business appearing on the locating tool when people search for lawn care products and services.

3. Start a Blog

Starting a blog is one of the most tried-and-true lawn care marketing strategies. It gives companies a chance to provide useful, insightful, and entertaining information to readers. Businesses like yours can also see a significant boost in search engine results pages (SERPs) if you write enough high-quality content.
A large part of successful blogging involves keyword and topic research. Be sure to target terms that your readers will use to find your website. For instance, if people search “how to get rid of grubs,” you might consider writing a post about pest removal best practices.
Remember that not all keywords are equal, especially not in a seasonal industry like lawn care. Let’s say you offer lawn mowing services. You’ll quickly find that you have a lot of competition. Not only are you competing with other lawn care companies, but you also have to stand out against manufacturers and repair shops like John Deere and Husqvarna.
You’re better off targeting more precise keywords and phrases. That might mean writing blog posts about “lawn mowing for seniors” or “lawn mowing in the Bronx.” While fewer people use these terms in searches, your company is more likely to stand out when they do use them.
Get the most out of your lawn marketing tips by partnering with AquaTerra Digital. Our marketing professionals work with you to attract new customers, expand brand awareness, and bolster your bottom line. Shoot us an email at info@aquaterradigital.net to find you what we can do for you in 2021.