Generate Leads: How to Make a Great Irrigation Website That Gets More Clients

Automatic irrigation system. Water sprayer for irrigating a lawn

It has been said time and again that when it comes to search, “Google is king.” Therefore, you need to be visible on Google for your irrigation company to get clients, grow, and increase revenues.

You already know that your irrigation business must have a website, especially in today’s environment where everything is moving digital. However, the challenge is to get on top of Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP). 

Don’t worry, though. AquaTerra Digital is an expert in this field. In this article, we’ll go through some techniques to increase your website’s visibility, generate leads, acquire customers, and make significant profits.

How to Make Your Website More Searchable?

As experts in digital marketing for irrigation companies, one of our key competencies is knowing how to build a functional, easy-to-navigate, and mobile-friendly website that Google loves. You’ll notice that your irrigation website will go notches or pages higher on SERP by simply following these tips, and your website might even skyrocket right to the first page of Google.

1. Structure your website so Google can crawl it with ease

Google scans and indexes the content of webpages on the internet using a crawler called Googlebot. It navigates links on the internet and reads the text of websites to discover their purpose and appropriate classification. This information is added to Google’s index to give users relevant search results. Google uses this indexed data to identify and display the most relevant results when a user enters a query, making it easy for the user to access the information they are looking for.

Here are some things you can do to make it easier for Googlebot to crawl your irrigation website:

  • Build pages in line with your services and provide valuable insights about these services
  • Use keywords that are pertinent to your irrigation business
  • Link your pages internally to show authority
  • Perform a technical SEO audit to find any holes in your website and fix them

2. Start a blog

While having a main page and service pages help, creating a media area or a blog can make your irrigation website more visible. A blog is one of the easiest strategies to expand the organic reach of your website. Every post is a chance to stand out on Google and rank for a broader range of keywords.

A blog can help your website in many ways, such as increasing the number of inbound links and increasing the time your readers spend on your website. With more inbound links, your irrigation website becomes an authority. When readers stay longer on your website, it will rank well on SERP.

3. Become Google Verified

Use Google Business Profile to get Google verified and add your irrigation company on Google Maps. Simply create a Google Business Profile, look for your irrigation company on Google Maps, and claim your business. The last step is to get a physical verification code in the mail and input it into your Google Business Profile.

After verifying your profile, optimize your Google Business Profile. Complete your listing and post content regularly to get more impressions and clicks.

4. Produce quality content

Quality is the secret sauce to ranking high on Google. Choose the right keywords, use them, and produce valuable content around them. If your readers find great value in your content, it will get Google to notice you. As a result, more people will notice your irrigation company as well. Run a content audit to see if you’re doing your best work and discover what else you should improve.

5. Run Google Ads

Ads incur costs, but they are a proven way to increase your visibility on Google. If you have performed the first four techniques mentioned above, running ads is a surefire boost to get additional exposure. Although it isn’t a must, running ads is a definite way to show up on top of SERP.

Build It and They Will Come: Turn Your Website Into a Lead-Generating Machine with AquaTerra Digital

The main objective of your irrigation website is to generate leads. It is the perfect time to ask yourself, is your website working well for you? AquaTerra Digital is the expert in transforming dull websites into lead-generating machines. We can build your irrigation company a website that will get your business more exposure, prove your brand as an authority, and of course, convert.

Let’s start with website design today to turn your site into a lead-generating machine. Call us at (844) 366-0322.