Retargeting Ads for the Green Industry - The Ultimate Guide

Keep Your Business Top-of-Mind With Effective Retargeting Strategies

Retargeting Ads for Irrigation, Lawn Care and Landscape companies – The Ultimate Guide

Have you heard of the Rule of 7?

The Rule of 7 states that it takes an average of seven touchpoints with a brand before a customer buys something from you. In today’s digital world, that number can be dramatically higher. Some marketers estimate that it can take dozens of touchpoints before a prospect even picks up to call you or fill out a contact form.

You could have the best irrigation, lawn care or landscape services website in the world. Your advertising can be the most compelling in the industry. Still, the chances that someone will work with you the instant they see your brand is small.

Retargeting marketing process flow by Aquaterra Digital

Even if you convert about 20% of your website visitors to customers, that still means that the vast majority of the people who showed interest in your services are gone for good.

What if you could bring them back and have another shot at converting them into customers. This is where retargeting comes in.

Why Retargeting Works for the Green Industry

Retargeting (also called remarketing) is not exactly new. Facebook made it available to advertisers in 2012, and Google launched it in 2013.

You’ve probably been exposed to retargeting campaigns countless times without even realizing it.

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You browsed the Internet for hotels to stay at during your vacation, and now you keep seeing ads for those hotels.

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You visited an online store looking for a new shirt, and later you saw the same shirt in a Facebook ad.

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You decided it’s time to upgrade your accounting software, so you looked at a couple of companies online. The next thing you know, you usee video ads on YouTube about accounting software.

You get the idea. Retargeting is a way for a company to serve an ad to you after interacting with their brand online. This strategy has proven to be extremely successful because when your prospect sees your retargeting ad, they’re already familiar with your brand and more likely to take action.

As you probably know from your own experience, it’s not unusual to shop around when you’re looking for a product or service. Further, you might not make a decision right away. When a brand reminds you that they exist, you’re more likely to buy from them than an unfamiliar company you’ve never seen.

Lawn care maintenance facebook ads for Trugreen by Aquaterra Digital

In the example above, TruGreen does retargeting right by reinforcing its brand’s quality with a testimonial and offering an incentive to move forward. If a customer initially landed on the website but wasn’t sure about price, this incentive could motivate them to take the next step.

On the other hand, here’s how NOT to do retargeting:

Google display shopping ads with a man picture

When retargeting was a novel concept, and most people didn’t know it was happening, this ad might have been perceived more favorably. However, with recent privacy concerns, this ad practically shouts, “we know you were visiting our site, and we’re calling you out. So, go buy something.”

Today, a subtle approach is the best way to go. As the saying goes, less is more.

In the green industry, retargeting can be a gamechanger. Choosing a lawn care service or landscape architect is a lot different than buying a pair of shoes. Home and business owners do a lot of research, comparing companies, services, and even pricing. It’s rare that someone makes a decision in one sitting.

By implementing a retargeting campaign, you can capture a much larger percentage of your audience, which brings in more customers and makes your advertising spend even more profitable.

How Retargeting Works​

It might seem like magic, but retargeting is surprisingly easy to do. It requires very little technical knowledge. You can get started with three easy steps:

1. Install tracking code on your website.
2. Create your retargeting ads.
3. Specify which platforms you’d like your ads to show on.

Once you have the code installed, you can place your ads virtually anywhere, including:

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Facebook and Instagram feeds and stories

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And almost any place on the Internet

How to Create an Irresistible Retargeting Offer​

Remember, when a customer doesn’t immediately contact you for a quote or to book your service, they didn’t say no. They just didn’t take the action you wanted them to take at that specific moment.

To help them move to the next level, they need a little push from you.

Let’s illustrate with an example.

John Doe just bought a house, and the back yard is a mess. The grass is dead, there are no plants, the trees have gone wild, the fence needs to be replaced, and he’s considering adding some pavers and a grill. He needs a total overhaul, so he turns to Google for help.

He comes across several websites, including yours. He visited a couple of your service pages, but for some reason, he didn’t contact you. Maybe he didn’t find the information he was looking for, or perhaps he got distracted by the doorbell or a child that needed help with homework.

A friendly reminder that you exist and some motivation to give you a call might be all that John needs to decide to pick up the phone and book a consultation with you.

Here are the types of ads and incentives you can show John.

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Discounted service: Offer a percentage off on services if they click on the ad and call now.

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Free add-on service: Buy an annual color planting package and get free ornamental maintenance for 3 months.

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Limited offer (due to high demand): The first 10 people to respond to an ad get free tree removal.

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Reminder: “Did life get in the way? You forgot to take advantage of this deal?” This tactic works because you’re assuming they didn’t say no (even if they did). But, for some reason, they weren’t able to get in touch with you.

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We help green businesses run successful retargeting campaigns, from designing high-converting landing pages to setting up remarketing ads.

Creating Ad Landing Pages​

Once someone clicks on your retargeting ad, where should they go?

The right answer is a dedicated landing page because it can speak directly to what the prospect was looking for when they originally visited your website.

Many businesses make the mistake of sending retargeting traffic back to the home page, but this is the worst place for them to be. Your home page (no matter how lovely it is) is too general, meaning it’s not likely to specifically address what the prospect was looking for.

For example, let’s say John Doe is feeling overwhelmed by the daunting task of making over his backyard, but he knows that he needs tree removal, and he visited a page on your website about this service.

If you make the mistake of sending him to your home page, he’s going to have to dig around to find out if you even offer that service. Remember, he likely visited at least a few landscapers, and he’s not likely to commit to memory everything your company does.

Here’s an example of this in action. The first image is of the home page, but the second image shows a landing page with a call to action specifically for tree services. ¬

Ground Guys home page overview
Residential tree Service page of Ground Guys website

We can get even more critical here. Even though The Grounds Guys does a good job of sending retargeting traffic to a services page, this page reads a lot like a blog post.

Instead, there should be a clear offer at the top of the page. An ideal landing page would also include a form to request a free estimate, testimonials from satisfied customers,¬ and potentially pictures from successful projects.

Here’s an example of a company that did a better job:

San Diego Tree removal service website overview

Where to Set Up Retargeting Ads

When it comes to retargeting, you’ve got several options, and we recommend trying all of them to see which ones work best and resonate most with your audience.
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Facebook and Instagram – Most people are on one or both of these platforms. As potential customers scroll through their newsfeeds, seeing your company front and center can motivate them to take the next step to get in touch with you.

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Google Remarketing – Google and its search partners cover virtually all of the Internet, so if your audience isn’t on social media or you want to make sure you’re able to reach your ideal customer, you can’t overlook Google.

Remarketing ads are relatively easy to set up. Click here for instructions directly from Google.

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YouTube – Because Google owns YouTube, you will set up your YouTube retargeting ads through the Google Ads platform. With YouTube, you can run advertising to both video and text ads. The video ads can play before the main video or appear on the right-hand side of the screen on desktop and in the main video player area on mobile.

Text ads on YouTube are also displayed prominently as shown below.
Google ads screenshot of lawn care

Retargeting Ads Checklist

Now that you know the basics of retargeting, here’s what to do to get started:
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Install the Facebook pixel on your website.

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Install the Google Remarketing tracking code on your website.

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Create irresistible offers that will incentivize people to come back to your site.

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Make sure you have the appropriate landing pages built.

The Bottom Line

It’s incredible how useful the Internet can be as a lead generation machine. Instead of running expensive ads in print, television, and radio, and hoping they work, now you can hyper-target your audience and follow them all over the Internet with your offers. Want some help with your retargeting campaigns?