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Email Marketing for the Green Industry

AquaTerra Digital is the go-to expert for growing your business with email marketing

Email is an often-overlooked tool when it comes to marketing businesses in the green industry.

And that can be an expensive oversight.

According to studies, the return on investment (ROI) for email marketing can be up to 4,400%. This means that for every $1 spent on a campaign, a business could make up to $44!

That ROI is unlikely to occur with social media marketing or Google advertising, so if you’re not using email to grow your business, you’re missing out.

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How to Get Started with Email Marketing

As long as you have a website, email marketing is easier than you think. Plus, we’ll be here to set everything up, make sure all the tech works, and create campaigns designed to turn prospects into paying customers.

One of the mistakes we see lawn care, Irrigation, and landscaping businesses make is that they collect a bunch of emails, and then they don’t do anything with them. Or, they might send a couple of campaigns and give up when they don’t see results.

Once you understand how powerful this tool is, you’ll be raring to go. And that’s where AquaTerra Digital comes in.

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Benefits of Email Marketing

Many agencies have given up on email marketing because they don’t understand it, or they’ve been unable to get good results for their clients.

Because we are email marketing pros, we are known for our results.

The benefits of email marketing are virtually limitless, but here are the top 4 (according to us):

1. Drive sales – Everyone wants more sales, right? With email, you can close the deal directly in the message. At the very least, your message can prompt them to call you to discuss a project.

2. High return on investment – Earlier, we mentioned a potential ROI of 4,400%. These high returns are possible because email campaigns are less expensive than advertising, and your audience is usually composed of people ready to buy from you.

3. It’s universal – 76% of American adults have at least one email address. When you isolate just those people with jobs, that number goes up even higher. Some people don’t visit Google or Facebook daily, but most people check their email frequently throughout the day.

4. It integrates with other tools – We won’t get too technical here. Still, you should know that your email can integrate with your website, your social media advertising, and your Google advertising campaigns. This allows you to capture and nurture leads at various parts of the customer journey.

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We ensure you have an effective, automated email marketing campaign that helps you meet your target ROI.

Types of Email Marketing Campaigns for Your Business

The types of campaigns you can send to your prospects and clients are limited only by your imagination. We’ll share some of our favorites to get your wheels spinning.

Welcome Series – You might have an option on your website for someone to give you their email address. Assuming they do, what happens next? A welcome series serves as a multi-part introduction to your business where you can showcase your talents. A welcome series can also be used to deliver value like a checklist to prepare their yard for a changing season, or a gallery of trendy hardscapes.

Follow-up Sequence – You might have prospects that contacted you weeks or months ago, but they weren’t quite ready to buy. A follow-up sequence can remind them that you’re available to help them as they move toward the next step.

Targeted Messaging – Not all of your customers and prospects are the same, so it might not be smart to send them all the same messages. We help you segment your list and create custom campaigns based on their needs.

Generate referral business – It’s smart to stay in communication with your best customers because they’re likely to refer you to their family, friends, and colleagues. When you keep in touch with the people on your email list, they can easily forward those notes or share your contact information with others.

Ready to dominate your industry with email marketing?