3 Essential Social Media Management Trends for the Irrigation Industry in 2023

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Social media is where your irrigation business can flourish. It is already used by roughly half of the world’s population. Without a doubt, it is the present and future of any kind of business. If you haven’t set up a base yet, create your profile to start building social media presence.

From 4.7 billion users in 2022 to over 6 billion by 2027, the number of social media users is projected to continue to increase. Although social media management trends are constantly changing, social media platforms have already proven themselves to be a very effective marketing channel.

Gain an advantage over your competitors by keeping up with social media management trends. Learn and adopt them into your digital marketing strategy. AquaTerra Digital is a social media expert that can help you strategize your 2023 online marketing plan that includes social media management trends that matter.

Social Media Trends That Will Get You More Clients

In this article, we’ll discuss three social media management trends to help your irrigation company be known as the local expert and increase your profits in 2023.

1. Inform, entertain, and persuade

Help your local target market understand their irrigation system with valuable information only an expert like you can provide. Since roughly 54% of potential clients use social media to learn about a product or service, integrating educational content into your digital marketing strategy is crucial.

As an irrigation company, you must provide your audience with knowledge about sprinklers and anything relevant. Determine the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about irrigation and thoughtfully answer them.

In addition to educating your potential clients, providing entertaining content is an effective way to connect with them and build trust, which can lead to improved sales. Using memes and other humorous content is a welcome addition to your strategy.

Once they trust your content and expertise, it’s a lot easier to persuade them to hire you for their next irrigation project.

2. Produce bite-size content

The human attention span has shrunk from 12 to 8.25 seconds in the last decade. Therefore, producing increasingly smaller pieces of content is necessary. Use easy-to-consume posts, infographics, pictures, and other attention-grabbing bite-sized material to engage your audience. For people interested in learning more about sprinklers and your irrigation company, link short posts to lengthy, in-depth content and service pages.

3. Start a conversation (that can lead to conversion)

Talk to your potential clients on social media, like your friends. Instead of generic introductions or someone reading from a script, people want human-centered interactions. Keep them engaged to compel them to do business with you. Discuss past irrigation projects to show them real-world samples of how you can help them.

Social Media Is a Marketing Magnet with AquaTerra Digital

Social media has become one of the best online marketing platforms available due to increased users and consistent daily usage time. To be effective on social media, continuous improvement is necessary. Partner with an expert who understands different platforms and can perform data analysis across numerous social media networks. AquaTerra Digital can empower your business to reach your target market through effective social media management. We’ll help you implement a strategy and track the progress toward achieving their objectives in real-time.

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